We create tailored customer focused strategies for your digital business transformation.

We create tailored customer focused strategies for your digital business transformation.

We are your professional partner in your digital business transformation. Our consulting services and software solutions enable you to build on already existing or new business models and processes, and create unique customer experiences.

Customer Insights & Data Analytics

Customer Insights & Data Analytics

To deepen our knowledge of the motifs, wants and needs of your customers is vital at the start of every project. We analyse what drives them, execute audits, and combine these new insights with facts from your data analytics systems.

Our insights & analytics services Read more
Our insights & analytics services

In this phase of the project we employ targeted qualitative and quantitative research methods:

  • Usability & Customer Experience Testing
  • X-Industry Trends & Benchmarks
  • Segmentation & Targeting
  • Market Segmentation & Market Ethnographies
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Advertising/Communication Impact Research
  • Data Analytics/Audits 
  • Conversion-/Funnel Analyses
  • Dropout Survey
  • (International) Employee Surveys
  • Experience Sampling & Diary Studies


We shape (transformation) strategies and combine them with a consistent focus on customer centricity. It's our distinct goal to create a strong business impact, to generate new added value for your customers, and to never lose sight of your organisation while doing so.

Our offer for your transformation strategy Read more
Our offer for your transformation strategy

You would like to review or expand your business model, discover new efficiency potential for your business processes, simplify your business logic and make it more customer friendly, or automate parts of your cross-channel communication? We will lead you and your management team from identification, development, to prioritisation of business transformation goals.

  • Strategic Visioning Workshops
  • Digital Business Transformation Strategy
  • Business Model Generation
  • X-Industry Trends & Benchmarks
  • Benefit Case Calculation & Levels of Ambition
  • Guiding Principles 
Create new Experiences

Create new Experiences

It's our business to transform your strategies, visions, and new impulses into sustainable and innovative concepts. Building on our customer-centric creative process including personas, customer journeys and experience maps, we draft content strategies, define user stories, outline complex business logics and processes, and design first interactive prototypes, which bring your ideas to life.

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Our experience creation services

Our comprehensive knowledge ranges from omni-channel commerce, to digital communication, social business, self-care, product information management, digital asset management and CRM/marketing automation - and beyond. We offer our expertise to transform your complex business requirements into outstanding customer experiences - not just for digital touchpoints!

  • Personas
  • Customer Journey Mapping 
  • Experience Maps
  • Advanced Analytics / Data-Driven Business Optimisation
  • Moment of Truth & Experience Design
  • Omni-Channel Touchpoint Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Process Design and Business-Logic Modeling
  • Interaction Design & Prototyping 
  • KPI Measurement Concepts & Data Analytics Setup
  • Journey Building (Marketing Automation) 
  • Co-Creation & Innovation Workshops
  • Requirement Engineering 
CX  Transformation & Change

CX Transformation & Change

For years 'digital' has been the driver behind cultural, societal, and economic change. Digital processes, touchpoints or services have long since infused all aspects of added value and often times lead to radical change. This is true not just for aspects with direct customer impact. We help you take meaningful decisions for your company in this transformational process. We encourage companies to shift from reactive to transformative strategies.

Our transformation & change portfolioRead more
Our transformation & change portfolio

When it comes to digital business transformation we believe in the power of "guided" change. We are convinced, the potential of powerful technologies can only be expanded with a strong organisational set-up and excellent staff with specific competencies. We help your investments return optimal results by synchronising technological progress and the impact of new business models with opportunities in your organisation.

  • Maturity Assessment for your Digital Business Transformation
  • CX Mind Setting with Customer Conferences
  • Agile Transformation Management for all organisation aspects
  • Digital Governance 
  • Transformation Roadmap
  • Portfolio & Requirements Management
  • Interim Management
  • Call for Proposals
  • Partner Management 
  • International Networking
  • Recruiting High-Performance Organisation
CX  Transformation & Change
Experience Software

Experience Software

Our CX software solutions help you to better understand the motifs, wants and needs of your existing and potential customers, so you can create relevant and exciting new customer experiences.

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Our software tools & consulting services

Our experience software is always tailored to your specific approach and questions, in order to generate a direct business impact for business unit managers in customer service, marketing, or sales. We're happy to develop innovative CX software solutions for your customer experience challenges.

Our software tools are often used in combination with our experience design activities. We're happy to suggest and discuss possible applications.


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